Armor in Celestia is is separated into cloth, light, and heavy armors and by locations: head, hands/forearm, chest, legs, and feet. Most footwear by it’s nature is cloth of light armor, as it needs to be somewhat flexible. Basic clothing is also available from most NPC tailors, these are typically worn with or under other clothing.

Unlike most RPGs Celestia doesn’t have a tiered armor system. So you aren’t moved to go from one particular set to another in a certain order. Instead the player must pick the one that offers the best Armor value at a price and weight that the player wants. Artifact armors are when a clear advantage is shown between items. With exotic material versions of plain armor leading up to them.

Armor Value is treated much like health or energy, except that armor must be overcome before it can effect health and when overcome it loses a box of armor. This means the next blow has less armor to overcome until nothing is left.

Basic Clothing
Cheat Armor
  • Cloth
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  • Light
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  • Heavy


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