Celestia Character Creation

The first thing every player of Celestia must do, pick a class archetype. Your class Archetype decides the skill trees you have access to. Each Skill tree has five ranks and you can select one skill from each tree per rank. The skills in each tree can be changed in adventure halls or at ‘guides’, special NPCs usually found at the entrance to dungeons.

The tutorial levels teach you one combat skill tree, movement skill tree, defensive skill tree if applicable, and revenge skill tree if applicable. So most players start with 4 skill trees and 4 basic skills. More skills are then learned during play.

Celestia Archetypes

Eventually a questline in game explains how they have a series of ‘subclasses’ you can acquire that offer extra options in games. This is where the crafting system comes in, though not all are specific to crafting. Once the quest is completed you can select one of a series of subclasses by talking with a NPC master of that subclass.

Misc Subclasses

A few subclasses that had nothing to do with the original ones were added later. Some of these provide bonuses players can find useful.

Celestia Character Creation

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