Chalandria are essentially giant arachnids. The largest ones on record have legs 3 meters long!


Chalandria live in Ruins, Jungles and Forests. They can also be found anywhere relatively dark, as they avoid sunlight.


Chalandria are effectively carnivores as they eat animals, but much like other arachnids they don’t simply eat these creatures. Instead they inject chemicals into their victims… First to paralyze and then after wrapping them up they release digestive acids into their victims turning them into a sort of jelly that the Chalandria sucks up.

Chalandria are solitary, they only time they even meet another of their kind is to mate. However this ends badly for males who are eaten immediately after by the females, who in turn leave their eggs in areas outside their domain. The newborn spiders when they hatch will even eat each other, survivors either flee or eat all competition.

  • ST: 17 [70]
  • DX: 15 [100]
  • IQ: 2 [-160]
  • HT: 13 [30]
  • WIL: 11 [X]
  • Per: 13 [X]
  • Speed: 7 [X]
  • Dodge: 10
  • Move: 9 [X]
  • SM: 1
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Advantages: Affliction 4 (Paralysis; Follow-Up, Fangs) [X]; Ambidexterity [5]; Clinging [20]; DR 2 [X]; Extra Legs (8 total, uses 2 as arms when grappling) [15]; Injury Tolerance (No Neck) [X]; Night Vision 9 [X]; Peripheral Vision [X]; Super Climbing 3 [9]; Teeth (Fangs) [2]; Vibration Sense [X].
  • Disadvantages: Bad Grip 2 [X]; Cold-Blooded [X]; No-Fine Manipulators [X]; Horizontal [X]; Wild Animal [X].
  • Brawling (E) DX+2 [4]-14
  • Climbing-14
  • Stealth-17
  • Survival (A) Per+1 [4]-11
  • Tracking-14
  • Wrestling-15
  • Bite (14): 1d-4 impaling.


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