History of Celestia

The Hisotry of Celestia is marked by an event called the Cataclysm and it divides the worlds history into two parts: Pre-Cataclysm and Post-Cataclysm.


This age is not well known to the people of Celestia. What they do know is a advanced civilization with miraculous technology developed across the three continents of Celestia. They could move across the lands as they pleased in massive flying vehicles that defied gravity. They had weapons that fired various types of energy unknown to modern civilization. They could, and did, create automated statues that could move on their own and shaped into a variety of forms. They know very little else.

However the Pre-cataclysm of Celestia was a marvel the races now on the world could not understand. It was the colony world to a pioneering group of races now known as the: Chiara, Humans, Minza, Nornan, Rethos, and Thelis. It was a fairly backwoods speck in a much vaster commonwealth of planets. They had mastered contragravitics and a variety of advanced forms of power among other things. They also had materials that resisted wear and tear and defied aging so they could be used for centuries. This has lead to many relics of their lost technology surviving into the post-cataclysm era.

They had three massive cities on Celestia: The spaceport with it’s link to a space elevator that linked it to a dockyards in orbit. The military outpost on the western continent. Finally the capitol including a series of massive arcologies with housing for millions.

Much of the Pre-Cataclysm Celestia was devoted to recreating extinct wildlife from their original homeworlds. Celestia was specifically picked for this due to it’s incredibly temperate climate (neither to hot and dry, nor cold and wet). Celestia had a very small set of deserts and a limited tundra zone, making it perfect as a place to create a variety of extinct habitats for plants and animals.

Then came another empire in space which went to war with the commonwealth. When the fighting reached Celestia Gorun shock troops were dropped on the world as an armada bombarded the three major cities of the planet into dust. During this the ships that had been under construction in the dockyards were scuttled or hidden on the planet, while finished ships went to hold off the enemies forces. The armada was called away after they destroyed the facilities of the planet and all the orbiting ships and they left their shock troops to ‘clean up’. Those few who had lived through the bombardments began a long hard road to continued survival. As did the shock troops. ‘War’ would continue on their world for several decades when groups would clash.

However in space both the invading empire and the commonwealth were left in ruins. Neither remembered or cared about those on Celestia, having written them off as dead. In any case neither side was left in a condition to do much with either sides colony worlds as they had to rebuild their core worlds first. Leaving all the former colonies to their own devices.


The first few decades after the bombardment of the world are considered part of the Cataclysm itself and the Post-Cataclysm peroid is marked by the first groups to pull themselves out of pure survival and form various types of communities. Most would be nomadic during these years, with the first real settlements coming over a hundred years later.

Because of the length of time and the survival needs of these people former technological skills were lost and society had to rebuild based on a few carried relics and otehrwise primitive levels of technology.

This was made more difficult by a vast array of recreated environments and creatures intermixing and often fighting for the same races the intelligent races needed. Many such species will die off in the chaos due either to the lose of their needed resources for survival or becoming the favored prey of something else.

Basic technological progress was set back through a stone age, into a bronze age, and finally into a new iron age on it’s own. Into the Iron age technology the peoples of Celestia would rediscover aspects of their former civilization in the form of various ruins and relics. Trying to understand these aspects of the past would grow their technologies in new and different ways. The three largest nations would all find caches of lost technology in various forms. Valencia would be the first to build a new ‘airship’ using unique designs to activate and make use of the advanced technology of commonwealth anti-gravitic panels. Though they would not stay alone in recreating these technologies into new forms.

Usually those who found, and then learned to use, ancient technologies could leverage them to gain positions of power. This is espcially true of solar powered range weapons, those who recovoered ancient power sources, and found incomplete ancient vessels. These relics would become the core of future technologies.

These technologies have often lead those nations with power to subjigate those with less, to claim their resources and their technologies.

History of Celestia

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