Imperial Army

Imperial 1

Most of Tiāncháo’s military consists of their conscripted army. Most conscripts only do a single tour in the military, usually five to ten years depending on the Emperor’s current need. Those who stay in the military beyond their term are given the rank of captains and assigned conscripts to their command. Generals are picked from a variety of sources by the Emperor and given the command of a large group of lesser troops to lead. The conscripts may not be the best trained, by the emperor does equip the troops fairly well with polearms as their main weapon (typically a spear) and a sword as a backup weapon, with scale armor for defense.

Weapons and Equipment
  • Spear
  • Dao
  • Medium Scale
  • General
  • Captain
  • Soldier

Most imperial army soldiers use a 100 point knight template or a 100 point scout template, however captains should use a full knight template. Generals can literally be any template, though quite often the Tacticians among their ranks are Scholars. Some specialty troops exist as well with different templates.

Imperial Army

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