Kauna-Unahan is a small island near Nippon No and Tiāncháo. Sometimes called ‘the savage land’ and the name literally means ‘primitive’ even in their own language.


Kauna-Unahan has acquired two races exclusively, possibly ones forced off the mainland ages ago. They never have formed an organized nation as such, though around six centuries ago one group colelcted over a dozen tribes and launched an invasion of Nippon No to try to take the much larger land of their neighbors. The militaristic inhabitants of Nippon No crushed the invasion and sent troops back to Kauna-Unahan. However the colelcted people of Kauna-Unahan proved no threat and little interest to the people of Nippon No, so they have been left alone outside a few ‘monster hunts’ commissioned by various daimyo.


Kauna-Unahan has a collection of animist beliefs, though few have names. Do to the influence of the soldiers from Nippon No both Shinto and Tiānguó guānliáo were introduced.

Politics and Government

Kauna-Unahan is completely tribal in nature with no unified government above that level. Only once has more than one tribe gathered under the same banner and the cost to the people of Kauna-Unahan was incredibly high for it.


The language typically spoken on Kauna-Unahan is called Tagalog and has no known written form.


The climate is tropical, but not very wet. It consists mostly of steppes and mountains, with the southern tip being the only wet spot and a swamp.


The primitive people of Kauna-Unahan wear very little if anything. The most traditional piece of clothing is a kind of cloak or shroud they call a bala.

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Manlalaban – Barbarian
  • Saserdote – Druid
  • Tagamanman – Scout
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Dagger Fighting
  • Lethwei
  • Smasha
  • Sword-and-Shield Fighting
Campaign Notes

Tagalog is the language of the Philippines, though that country had no real influence on Kauna-Unahan.


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