Order of Dragonis


The Order of Dragonis is the elite of all elites among the Valencia forces. They are named for a great general of Valencia who pioneered the order several hundred years ago. They are highly trained, well equipped, and ferocious fighters. They act as heavy infantry within more conventional forces. They tend to use the Halberd as their initial battlefield weapon, with a sword as a backup and also used in tighter quarters.

Weapons and Equipment
  • Longsword, Bastard Sword, Large Falchion
  • Halberd
  • Mail and Plates, Medium Brigandine, Medium Plate
  • Dragon Commander
  • Dragon
Template Choices

Most ‘Dragons’ will be Knights with a Barbarian mix. However Knight + Holy Warrior, Knight + Justicar, and Knight + Musketeer have all been seen. The later is by far the most rare, creating a musket using heavily armored combatant rather than the Libritor light mobile fighter.

Order of Dragonis

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