Priests can bring allies back from the brink of death and beyond while burning and blasting their way through phalanxes of enemies. A priest has killing skills enough to survive alone in the toughest situations, and support spells to fortify, purify, and resurrect party members in need.

In fact, priests have more spells at their disposal than almost any other discipline. Priests are a support class that can also hold their own against foes. They keep themselves and their allies alive and regenerated while guarding them from critical damage, and still spare time to target foes for searing blasts of divine energy. They can target one comrade for healing, or remove poisons and curses from any nearby friendly player. They can stand up allies who have been knocked down, or put their enemies to sleep.

Game Role

Priests are key party members for most serious groups. Mostly for healing the party or raid they are in, which is where most people feel their strengths lie. They are often considered subpar in solo play however, and in part because of this they aren’t super popular in early play.

Alternate Names

Priests are called by other names in various regions. Most often they are called Clerics.


Priests use staves for weapons, but cannot use armor. Instead they can only make use of cloth protection, though this is not so strange for casting classes. That said however, the priest had a bug early on that let it equip some other weapons and armor. Specifically they could equip Rods, Wands, and paired swords. They can also use light armor. However these weapons were not specifically intended for them and it lessens their healing skills to some degree to use them. The bug however was used by some players and their were no significant benefits to it, so the developers left it in. So at times you will see Priests wearing light armor and wielding paired swords like a Blade Master.

Basic Attack Skills
  • Divine Radiance: Project a pulse of energy at an enemy at long range.
  • Metamorphic Blast: Project a AoE cone of divine energy that damages nearby enemies.
  • Triple Nemesis: Cast a vengeful pulse at a target at long range. Can chain up to three times in a row.
  • Final Reprisal: Release energy from your staff that damages enemies within close range. Can be used as a chain skill after Shocking Implosion or Triple Nemesis.
  • Shocking Implosion: Produce an electrical burst at close range in front of you.
  • Lullaby: Lock-on skill that puts target briefly to sleep from long range.
  • Plague of Exhaustion: Call up a plague that immediately removes all beneficial effects from and inflicts a magical damage over time effect on up to 4 targets within long range.
  • Energy Stars: Fires an energy bolt at a targeted enemy within long range. The bolt damages the target, but it also increases nearby party members’ power and attack speed as well.
Movement Skills
  • Backstep: Quickly back up out of harm’s way.
  • Fiery Escape: Damages targets in front of you at close range, briefly decreasing their movement speed, as you leap backwards.
  • Party Summons: Teleports all members of your party to your current location.
  • Homeward Bound: Teleports you and all party members within long range back to the nearest beacon.
Revenge Skills
  • Retaliate: Leap to your feet while attacking your target.
Special Skills
  • Mana Infusion: Recovers a burst of energy.
  • Mana Charge: Charged Energy Recovery skill.
  • Purifying Circle: Instantly remove all harmful effects from up to 15 allies at long range.
  • Speed Blessing: Boost the speed of yourself and your allies within short range for a period of time.
  • Arise: ‘Cures’ knockdown status allowing all allies to immediately stand back up within long range of you. It also buffs your resistance to knockdown for a short time.
  • Blessing of Power: You and your allies within short range gain increased attack power.
  • Endurance Blessing: Temporarily raises the endurance of you and your allies within short range.
  • Sanctuary: Nullifers your current aggro to nearby enemies.
  • Health Blessing: You and five allies within medium range gain regeneration for a short time.
  • Damage Shield: Casts a barrier that absorbs damage on up to 5 allies within long range for a short time.
  • Guardian Protection: Reduces ranged damage taken for a short time and gives resistance to CCs.
Healing Skills
  • Heal Thyself: Recovers your health.
  • Restorative Burst: Create a burst of healing at a medium distance in front of you. Party members will regenerate Health every second while they are in it.
  • Focus Heal: Can lock on to two (or three) allies at a time and launch a healing burst which recovers some of their health. This can be locked on and used when needed.
  • Regeneration Circle: Up to 5 allies within long range of you recover health over time while it is in effect.
  • Resurrect: Can bring back one ally from the dead within close range.
  • Healing Circle: Heals up to 5 other party members other than yourself.
  • Divine Respite: Strong personal regeneration effect for a short time.
  • Healing Immersion: Lock on a target within long range and fire a healing light to restore health to all party members within short range of the locked target.
  • Graceful Resurrection: Completely restores a dead ally to full health and energy. Very long cooldown.


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