Prūsija is also called the ‘land of wealth’ due to large quantities of metals within their mountains.


Prūsija started as a land inhabited by the Nornans after the Cataclysm. The Nornan soon found dozens of different valuable metals within their mountain home which could be mined. While initially they used their metal mining to create their own elaborate works, they soon realized they would be better off selling their excess metal rather than sitting on it. So they looked outside their domain and found groups of several different races living nearby, they made deals with these neighbors for things that were difficult to get in the mountains like food.

Eventually some of these trading partners wanted even better deals from the Nornan and when the Nornan refused they declared war trying to take the metal by force. The Nornan waged a defensive struggle from behind their fortifications and won the day. However the struggle had been costly and they would be having hard times if they didn’t do something. What they decided to do was invite those trading partners who had been honorable in their dealings with the Nornan to join them in one nation. Many took them up on it and together they formed Prūsija. With their wealth they have since attracted considerable military forces to defend their borders well beyond what the size of their country could usually support if not for their wealth.


Their is no one Religion in Prūsija. Traditionally the Nornans have a form of ancestor worship, the Minza and Chiara have a type of naturalist religion, and the humans worshiped a series of spirits called ‘The Immortals’. While many still follow the old ways, in more recent times do to their relations with Valencia many have adopted the Church of Valencia as their religion. Still others believe in the Tiānguó guānliáo or ‘The Path’ from farther nations.

Politics and Government

Prūsija is ruled by a council, called the house of lords, with a seat given to each original Nornan clan and each of their adopted peoples. Currently the council is composed of 32 members, each of which called a ‘lord’. These councilors elect a Minister of State who runs the council and acts as the head of the military in times of need. The method of selecting lords for the council varies by the people. Nornans draw from their clan eleders, humans often elect from their wealthy, and the Chiara and Minza send their chiefs as their representatives.


Prūsija has a unique language called Lativa, which is loosely related to the Lingua Latina of Valencia. Both languages use ‘Roman Characters’ for the written form of their language, however Lativa uses a wide series of accents.


The core of Prūsija is all mountains, however their adopted lands include considerable amounts of forests and grasslands.


The mountains themselves are fairly cold and encourage heavier clothing, while the lower regions are more temperate and usually inspire less heavy clothing. Traditionally this has meant layers, the basic layer is composed of hose and tunics, with over-tunics and cloaks at higher altitudes.

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Bards – Bard
  • Druīds – Druid
  • Svētā Cīnītājs – Holy Warrior
  • Bruņinieks – Knight
  • Skauts – Scout
  • Zaglis – Thief
  • Zintnieks – Wizard
  • Amatnieks – Artificer
  • Salvija – Scholar
  • Miertiesnesis – Justicar
  • Inn Turētājs – Inn Keeper
  • Garīgā persona – Mentalist
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Bare-Knuckle Boxing
  • Early Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Foot Archery
  • Glaive Fighting
  • High Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Krav Maga
  • Late Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Longsword Fighting
  • Masters of Defence Weapon Training
  • Pollaxe Fighting
  • Quarterstaff
  • Sambo
  • Sword-and-Buckler Play
  • Sword-and-Shield Fighting
Military Orders
  • Prūsija Army
  • Prūsija policija (Police)
Campaign Notes

Prūsija is based on a combination of germanic and Russian traditions. Lativa is modeled on Latvian.


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