Rogues have many skills similar to Assassins, but their focus is on ranged attacks. Staying out of direct combat, they inflict ailments on the enemy hindering them. They can effect the flow of battle and have considerable movement abilities letting them move to places most others cannot.

Game Role

Of all ranged DPS the Rogue has the shortest range.


The main weapons of the Rogue are a set of thrown weapons and they wear light armor.

Defensive Skills
  • Drop Back: Triggers a backwards leap to escape a dangerous area or back away from an enemy.
  • Evasive Counterstrike: Launches a counterattack on a successful evasion.
Basic Attack Skills
  • Rapid Strike: Slashes an enemy repeatedly, dealing physical damage each hit. Backstabbing increases melee critical rate.
  • Wallop: Launches four attacks in quick succession dealing physical damage.
  • Stalkers Mark: Deals ranged damage and marks enemies for 15sec. Increases received damage and decreases healing effectiveness. When the mark disappears, the target receives additional damage based on the number of ranged attacks suffered during the mark’s duration.
  • Toxic Dart: Fires a toxic dart dealing ranged damage and also poison damage over time.
  • Pin Down: Pins an enemy to the ground, dealing physical damage and inflicting knock down.
  • Throwing Dagger: Flings a dagger that deals physical damage to a single enemy, then ricochets to up to 5 additional enemies within short range of the initial target, dealing less damage each hit. It decreases Move and Attack speeds, as well as increasing cast times for enemies stuck.
Movement Skills
  • Overwhelm: Triggers a leap toward an enemy that deals physical damage and stuns upon landing.
  • Shadowsmite: Launches a surprise attack, dealing physical damage and Shackling target. Backstabbing adds physical damage equal to multiple times that of a single melee attack.
  • Shadow Step: Teleports the player behind an ally or enemy, reducing Aggro. It also increases move speed for a few seconds and has a chance to reset its own cooldown.
Revenge Skills
  • Retaliate: Leap to your feet while attacking your target.
Special Skills
  • Stealth: Prevents enemies from seeing you. Any actions other than moving will cause stealth to end. Decreases Move Speed.
  • Freerunner: Increases Move Speed and Agility.
  • Disregard: Decreases Aggro generation.
Blade Flock Skills
  • Blitzblade Scourge: Inflicts shadow damage and retrieves Flock of Blades.
  • Blade Storm: 3 hit shadow damage attack.
  • Flock of Blades: Releases a cloud of blades. Enables all other attacks in this skill. Pierces defense and breaks snared status effects placed on the user as it inflicts damage in a short range circular AoE.
  • Lightning Rod: Damage over time lightning damage to all enemies near the Rogue.
  • Whirling Scourge: Shadow Damage attack that can hit up to 5 times in a row. This is a short range circular AoE attack.


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