The Church

Valencia priest
The Major religion of Valencia is monotheistic and usually simply referred to as “The Church”. It has strict guidelines and a hierarchy of priests that maintain it. The common person can never be more than a ‘layman’, without being ordained by the formal hierarchy. It also has a sort of law built into it referred to as ‘commandments’, because they are things their god has decreed must never be done. Failure to adhere to the beliefs of their faith will deny you a afterlife. For this alone the priests of the Church wield considerable influence within society.

  • Order of Vala

The Church has a core of clerics augmented by legions of Holy Warriors. Saints and Warrior Saints often acting as leaders within the organization, with the average person being able to become a servant of the divine as well. However the Church is a deep hierarchy with the least important acting as battlefield or distant workers and the most important at the heart of the Church in Vala as the leaders and elite guards.

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The Church

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