The Path

Their religion is called “The Path”, and unlike most religions it has no true ‘priests’ or ‘clerics’ to spread it’s word. Instead it is the religion they all participate in and is spread socially. All the temples of the Path are community projects and open public spaces. Holy Warriors, Scholars, and Artificiers are often the strongest advocates of the religion.

“The Path” can probably best be described as a philosophy, as their are no specific deities, gods, or spirits involved. Instead it has teachings meant to better the followers life and even a codified set of ‘laws’ to follow. The philoshy is heavy on ritual including fasting on certain “holy” days, daily meditation, and even habits that are enforced. The codified law is typically called “Yöntem”, الطريق, “The Way”, or even “The Way of the Path”.


The Path doesn’t attract true priests, instead Artificers and Scholars are most likely to become Saints or Servants of the Divine instead. However anyone can become a Saint or Servant through devotion. The do however have a large militant force of Holy Warriors devoted to their cause lead by Warrior Saints.

Also a fairly large group of Druids actually belong to The Path, though not all believers in The Path support their ideals. Instead they have a very nature oriented variant of the mainline religion.

Areas of Influence
Game Notes

In game terms, anyone who follows The Path may take Discipline of Faith: The Path and a Code of Honor: Yöntem to represent the ideals of their faith.

Code of Honor: Yöntem
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The Path

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