The Real Celestia

If you haven’t noticed yet, Celestia is a game in the vein of the traditional Action Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It was created by a South Korean company called ‘Dream Studio’ that no one had ever heard of. It had amazingly good graphics and was released with a ‘free to play’ model where cosmetics are the primary paid for items. It became so popular that it replaced many earlier games of the same type and Dream Studio decided to open branches around the world to handle launching the game in other countries or regions. It’s currently estimated that they have over 100 million players across the world, though the figure may be low. it’s quite possible they do in fact have a user base as large as many countries.

  • Dream Studio: South Korea
  • Sutajiodorīmu (Dream Studio): Japan
  • Mèng gōngzuò shì gōngsī (Dream Studio Company): China
  • Dreem Stoodiyo ltd (Dream Studio): India
  • Dream Studio Ltd: North America
  • Dream Studio UK: Europe
  • Dream Studio Brazil: South America

So far the game has been released in seven regions, one each year of it’s release. Almost every year a new major update has been added. They have announced the name of the next expansion recently: Tales of the Ancient Ones. However the release is still a ways away.

Major Releases
  • Celestia: Original Release Version that included Valencia, Tiāncháo, İlahi İmparatorluğu, and Hangug for the South Korean launch.
  • Shrouded lands of Nippon No: Added Nippon No nation on launch in Japan.
  • Lands of Wealth: Added Prūsija and Siam nations for Indian launch.
  • Wastes of the North: Added Víkingr nation for North American launch.
  • Lands of Darkness: Added Oak nation for European launch.
  • The Savage Land: Added Kauna-Unahan for South American launch.

The game itself can be played on PC and most consoles, though PC is possibly the best method. It also uses a unique tie-in for mobile devices. A mobile phone or tablet can both run a client that lets you do crafting, buy and sell items, and certain NPC tasking. It also lets you communicate with your friends in the game and make use of in game chat. The phone also holds some form of your in game character data so you can play at a friends house or other location that you normally don’t use.

Dream Studio publicly says the original Celestia code base was created five years before release. However some oddities exist for those who look into their history. They don’t seem to have existed before about a year before Celestia went live. That is when they started attending trade shows and showing off a ‘alpha build’ of the game. It’s also an anomaly how quickly they grew. It’s also odd that they chose to create a branch of their company in each region they added, most companies sell their game to existing companies in those regions which want to pay the original company to run them.

The Real Celestia

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