Tiānguó guānliáo

The people of Tiāncháo, and many neighboring nations, believe in Tiānguó guānliáo (The Celestial Bureaucracy or 天國官僚). This basically is an entire order of spirits given authority of various aspects of existence. Humans of proper spirit and refined physical and mental ability can cross over on death to become spirits of the Tiānguó guānliáo themselves. The Emperor and his family however are considered living spirits of the Tiānguó guānliáo and the enforcers of it’s mandate on Celestia.

Their is no formal selection of priests or clerics, instead those appointed by the Emperor are considered ‘divine’ agents. These consist primarily of Scholars, Artificers, Martial Artists, and Wizards who study the Tiāntǐ kēxué (Celestial Sciences or 天體科學). They make up the ‘educated’ and are considered the highest social class in the empire.


The Emperor is the effective head of the religion and appoints who they want to act on behalf of it. Such people take ‘Servant of the Divine’ on top of their normal template (though the name they get is ‘Agent of the Emperor’). They then can commission entire legions of Holy Warriors. Many Druids adhere to the tenants of this religion while not strictly being under the hierarchy of it.

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Tiānguó guānliáo

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