Valencia Equites


Valencia’s Equites, or ‘horse’ riders, is composed of landed nobility as they are the only ones who can afford horses and other riding animals. While technically they are under the overall command of the Valencia Legio, in fact the opposite is often true with Knight Generals in command of combined forces. However most knights are little better than landed gentry, often with only the most minimal of titles and no real power or wealth. These people however are required to present themselves for service in the military for at least five years and are on call at any need of Valencia itself regardless to age or current service.

Weapons and Equipment
  • Lance/Spear
  • Shortsword
  • Segmented Plate
  • Knight General
  • Knight Commander
  • Knight
    • Squire

Knights are equestrian focused Knight templates who excel in mounted combat.

Valencia Equites

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