Valencia Legio


Valencia’s Legio (or Legions) are composed mostly of rural farm boys. They are drilled for several months on military tactics and discipline, as well as their basic weapons and armor, before being assigned a duty. The Legio is commanded by officers, typically landed gentry, who then serve under the Legio Generals, who were typically well off urbanite nobles. Most peasants in the Legio are conscripted for a ten year period, though the are given ‘combat pay’ during any times of conflict they take part in. This often gives then nice funds to use when their time of service ends.

Weapons & Equipment
  • Spear
  • Shortsword
  • Medium Layered Leather Armor
  • General
    • Squire
  • Commander
  • Sergeant
  • Legionaire

Most Legio are a 100 point version of the knight template. A few are built as non-ranged fighting scouts for a similiar cost.

Valencia Legio

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