Valencia Sagittariis


Second in status only to Valencia Equites and Valencia Libritor, the Valencia Sagittariis are the Legio’s archer division. These archers though rarely use bows, instead they opt for the often more lethal and easier to train crossbow. Sagittariis are also much less expensive and easier to train than Libritor. They are a subset of the Legio and typically hold no more honor or more grand origins. What they do have is the ability to hit a target at an acceptable range. Each formation or block of Sagittariis is lead by a soldier called an Epsilon who orders the formation/block in battle.

Weapons and Equipment
  • Composite or Military Crossbow
  • Long Knife
  • Light Segmented Plate
  • Sagittariis Epsilon
  • Sagittariis

Most Sagittariis are built as scouts, though a ranged knight template is another option.

Valencia Sagittariis

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