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Víkingr is a cold nation in the farthest north of the island which holds Valencia. For many years no one knew they lived up there, until they came in ships to trade with others.


Víkingr history starts during the Cataclysm when a remote scientific outpost lost contact with the rest of the world. Over time (generations) the facility became impossible to keep up and so they ventured outward. The Southern mountain range proved impassable, so instead they spread out over what areas the did have access to. Farming is nearly impractical for all of the area they live in, so instead their major food supply is fish (leaving the meager plants available to the Minza).

They developed a culture centered around hunting and fishing as well as trade. Though originally they only traded among themselves. Eventually they built sailing ships capable of reaching the rest of the Continent though and started to trade with other nations.


Víkingr religion is a natural philosophy in which honor is the center of their religion, not just to other people but all things. This suggests animals and people are equals and strives to have one honor anything they must kill to live.

Politics and Government

Víkingr is a clan based government, with a single clan holding power for individual cities. Technically they have no overall government that connects them, instead they have a collective culture that holds them together.


The language of Víkingr is called Norse and can be expressed easily enough in roman characters. It also has a written form of it’s own called Runic and it consists of a series of characters that represent both syllabuls and words at the same time.


The majority of Víkingr is composed of tundra with a bit of forest and steppes, as well as the ‘Great Northern Mountain Range’. The mountain range separates them from the rest of the continent.


Víkingr clothing is usually made out of thick cottons, furs, and leathers. The cold climate makes thick clothing important.

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Ingeniør – Artificer
  • Kriger – Barbarian
  • Skald – Bard
  • Naturen Geistlige – Druid
  • Salvie- Scholar
  • Bueskytter – Scout
  • Sinnet-Mann – Mentalist
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Bare-Knuckle Boxing
  • Boxing
  • Foot Archery
  • Longsword Fighting
  • Masters of Defence Weapon Training
  • Sword-and-Buckler Play
  • Sword-and-Shield Fighting
  • Viking Spear Fighting
Campaign Notes

It is mostly based on ancient Scandinavia.


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