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Celestia is a world of fantastic events, built on the bones of an advanced former civilization. However it has been nearly two millenia since the Cataclysm and the fall of the ancient ancestors. In the time since society entered an extended dark age, all their former secrets and technology lost. Within the last two centuries some have rediscovered how to use, if not how to build or repair some of the lost technology.

Many societies have developed over the years, with three ‘super powers’: Valencia, Tiāncháo, and İlahi İmparatorluğu. Among these major powers are several minor nations, most of which must worry about the bigger nations.

As well humans are not alone on the world of Celestia. These six races along with humanity make up the “Seven Races of the Wheel” and seem to be the races left from the downfall of the Cataclysm. Other races are rumored to exist, possibly failed experiments of the ancients, but details are scarce.

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