Planning the Campaign

If your reading this, then you probably saw the campaign and decided to take a look. Thanks!

Well I hadn’t posted anything here yet, mostly because I usually only use it once something is out of planning… Which this isn’t. But I would love to get a test game together for this and my past group is rather fragmented, so I haven’t actually played any of my recent campaigns with more than two people. I’d rather not have Celestia receive that fate.

Celestia is not your ordinary fantasy setting, because I hate the ’it’s been done 10,00 times already’ formula of fantasy games. So I haven’t done a ‘fantasy’ setting in a very very long time. I’d like to think Celestia is an interesting take on the fantasy genre. On one hand it supports classic hack and slash adventure and even dungeon exploring, on the other is actually a science fiction post-apocalyptic world. ‘Intelligent swords’ are intelligent because they have a ancient AI inside them and a neural interface. ‘Flying Ships’ fly because they use super-science contra-gravitic pods to provide lift. ‘Monsters’ exist in the form of genetically modified and created creatures let run wild for 2 millenia. This makes a sort of ‘believable’ fantasy. At least that’s my take on it.

I hope anyone reading this agrees. I do plan to create some sample characters (NPC’s both good and bad), update the character classes with setting notes, add some more graphics, and plan out some cities and other locations… Eventually.

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