Ring of Whispers

A Unique Item of Great Power


What little hard facts are known about this item suggests the following abilities:

  • It provides the wearer with considerable knowledge on a variety of subjects.
  • It is rumored to extend the wearers life span (as in the tale of Numenro who lived for 130 years).

Everything else is subjective.


The Ring of Whispers is an ancient artifact that very little is known of. However it does play a role in many legends. In these legends the ring gives great knowledge and power to it’s wielder, supposedly granting everything from the ability to sense danger to immunity from harm. The last such story is the tale of Numenro the Mad, who built up a large army over nearly a hundred years and tried to conquer a vast stretch of land. In the end no foe managed to overcome him, instead his boat was lost at sea in a powerful storm. Presumably he was wearing the ring when his boat sank, leaving it somewhere under the waves.

Ring of Whispers

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