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  • Gorun

    GorunGorun are known for their savageness and brutality. They are humanoid, hairy, and look vaguely like a wild boar given an upright

  • Humans

    humans are potentially the most numerous race, but they have no particular advantages or disadvantages. They also have the most varied cultures of all races. They also have no preference in occupation, letting them take on any role they may desire.

  • Minos

    Very little is known about Minos, however they do take places in myth and legend and feature in some artwork. Physically they are very large humanoids with hairy bodies and bull-like horned heads.


    Most Minos have been

  • Thelis


    Thelis are an odd humanoid race. In most ways they resemble humans, the only things giving them away being their more

  • Chiara

    The Chiara are a somewhat bestial feline-like race that is mostly human-like. They resemble a lithe human with classic feline ears and tails as well as possibly whiskers, teeth, claws, or fur. Their fur (including hair) is typically short with various

  • Minza

    Minza are a Leporidae (rabbit and hare) humanoid race. They are often known for their long, sort of floppy ears, short round tails, and pacifistic natures. They are herbivores by nature and this is reflected in their culture and natures.


  • Nornan

    Nornan are essentially hardy-but-stumpy humans who see well in the dark. They are sometimes called haflings by humans, though they would be the first to demand to know what they are meant to be half of. They are however typically about 2/

  • Rethos

    Rethos are a reptilian race that resemble scaly humans with claws, long snouted faces, and thick tails. Most prefer hot places (on average, theyre comfortable between 47 and 135), though a few hearty ones live in climates that get colder than this

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