Anky are heavily armored warm-blooded herd lizards. They are known to be incredibly hard to hunt due to their thick bony armor that resists damage and this applies even to natural predators which tend to leave Anky alone. Usually this would mean Anky would quickly grow to overwhelm other creatures in the same environmental nitches, however Anky don’t reproduce as quick as most other species which keeps their numbers low. Also They lose many offspring to predators before they reach their full size, as they are most vulnerable when young.


Anky live in Forests, Grasslands, Jungles, and Steppes or Prairies. They have to be careful in forests and jungles, due to their size, however they use their tails to knock down trees if needed.


Anky are herbivores.

Anky are herd animals that form small herds.

  • ST: 41 [X]
  • DX: 10 [X]
  • HT: 11 [10]
  • IQ: 2 [-160]
  • WIL: 10 [X]
  • Per: 10 [X]
  • Speed: 5.25 [0]
  • Dodge: 8
  • Move: 5 [X]
  • SM: 4
  • Weight: 12,000 lbs.
  • Advantages: DR 9 [X]; Striker (Tail; Cannot Parry; Long, SM+1; Limited Arc, rear hexes) [X].
  • Disadvantages: Quadruped [X]; Wild Animal [X].


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