Elves, or in their native tongue ‘Hedral’ are fey creatures. Lesser kindred of the rumored ageless Fey who are said to live in a wild ever changing plane of their own. Hedral have several sub-types such as the common Elhedral, the wild Glamhedral, or the chaotic Morhedral. Other types of elves are rumored to exist, but if they do they are incredibly rare.

Types of Elves

Physical Characteristics:

Elves live for thousands of years barring accident or violence. They are known for their pointed ears and almond shaped jewel bright colored eyes, though this feature has become less common over the years. They are known for often dying their hair in various colors, either using magics or dyes.

Native Environment Type:

Elves prefer to live in forests, though Morhedral build cities when they can much like Humans or Nornans.

Typical Lifespan:

The oldest recorded elf was Undalyn who was nearly three thousand years old, who had lived through the Cataclysm, and who chose to pass on once the elves had rebuilt after the devastation. Most elves can easily live a thousand years or more. However a current crisis has arisen as newer generations seem to age faster than older ones. They still live thousands of years barring other events.



It is said that the Hedral were once Fey that the ancient Ashuri bound to our plane to serve them before the age of the gods. That conflict freed them from their service, but they could not go back to the realms of the Fey after spending centuries here.


Woodland Grace: You may use your skill to recognize useful flora and fauna, know your way through the woods, notice hidden dangers, hunt game, and forage for food in the woodlands.

  • Perfection in Battle: Choose Shoot or Fight. When you’re using the traditional armaments of your people, you can use your Elf skill in place of the chosen skill.
  • Fey Inheritance: You can use Elf to cast minor spells relating to nature or growth, even if you have no other magical ability.


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