Glamhedral are also often called ‘wild elves’ or ‘mad ones’ by their kin. Unlike their cousins they are more barbaric, retaining little technology and have limited knowledge of spellcasting compared to their kin. They also live half as long as other elves.

Physical Characteristics:

The Glamhedral have darker skin than their Elhedral kin, tanned by the harsh sun. They also tend to have brown or red hair over blonde.


The Glamhedral have a tribal culture, lead by the strongest male. The women tend to learn magic either shamanic or druidic in nature. The oldest druid or shaman acts as the tribes adviser.


The Glamhedral were enslaved by the Ashuri a very long time ago, acting as laborers or servants. When the Ashuri fell it left them a broken people and they shied away from other people. Most live on the edges of the world and are content to stay there. A handful live among their Elhedral kin or in even rarer cases are enslaved by their Morhedral kin.


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