While guns are relatively new, yet old, technology in Celestia. Most are mounted either on vehicles or buildings. Gunners are an exception, carrying these heavy cannons into personal combat. They are one of the few non-magical ranged DPS classes, though they are the least agile. Because of that they rely on heavy armor to mitigate incoming damage.

Game Role

They are a ranged DPS class, combining single target and AoE abilities. However even though they wear heavy armor they need to stay in the rear of the group with only a few abilities to deal with enemies who get to close.

Alternate Names

The Gunner is sometimes known as Dragoon or Musketeers in some regions.


Gunners get cannons and Heavy Armor for equipment.

Defensive Skills
  • Rolling Reload: Dodges enemy attacks. Eliminates Scattershot cooldown.
Basic Attack Skills
  • Blast: Fire shots that explode on impact with enemies or obstacles.
  • Grenade Shots: Fire shots which explode on impact and again two seconds later.
  • Detonating Barrage: Fire an energy pulse through enemies, then detonate it!
  • Scattershot: Fire a spread of shots at your enemies in a cone AoE.
  • Missile Launch: Charge up and launch missiles that twist and turn toward your target.
  • Point Blank: Bash your enemies, then fire a shot to knock them back!
  • Tossed Bomb: Toss a bomb at an enemy or obstacle for an explosive surprise!
  • Bombardment: Target an area, then launch a volley of shots to stagger enemies.
  • Burst Fire: Fire powerful, penetrating shots for as long as you have energy.
Movement Skills
  • Rocket Jump: Fire straight down, damaging enemies and propelling yourself forward.
Revenge Skills
  • Vengeance: Consumes your willpower to deal critical damage to all enemies in front of you in a line.
Special Skills


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