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Hangug is often called the ‘Flower Nation’ and is situated near Tiāncháo.


Hangug has something of a unique history in that they have mostly been left to themselves other than Tiāncháo who has long demanded gifts from them. Otherwise they get a few traders and little else.

They had a slow evolution into nationhood formed from a gathering of tribes. Many parts of Hangug are still tribal today, though the Gogwihan are considered to be in charge even there. Eventually a ruling class formed from the rulers of the various tribes and a more advanced culture developed. They still maintain strong tribal links though and have adopted a flower ‘theme’ culturally due to the sheer number of year round blooming trees and flowers where they live.


Hangug religion is naturist with a strong ancestor worship aspect. It is usually referred to as josang-ui jeonglyeong sin-ang (Ancestral Animism) or 조상의 정령 신앙.

Politics and Government

Hangug government is formed from a noble class, the Gogwihan, with a ruler called the Wang who rules through them.


Hangug has a language called Hangug-ui with a complex symbolic written form kind of like Zhōngguó called Hangul.


Hangug is situated on a tropical peninsula. The dominant climate of Hangug consists of jungle rain forests. A small portion of their land is more conventional grasslands from areas they have cleared of jungle.


The people of Hangug tend toward wearing very little, with their preferred clothing made of light silk. Sarangs, silk skirts, and silk pants are the dominant clothes with the chest bare or covered with a silk wrap (a sort of vest made from wrapping a cloth around yourself and pinning it tight).

Hangug clothes

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Seongjigja – Druid
  • Geolughan Jeonsa – Holy Warrior
  • Gisa – Knight
  • Musul Atiseuteu – Martial Artist
  • Seukauteu – Scout
  • Mabeobsa – Wizard
  • Ninja
  • Chian Pansa – Justicar
  • Simli – Mentalist
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Hapkido
  • Hwa Rang Do
  • Tae Kwon Do
Military Forces
Campaign Notes

Hangug is heavily based on ancient Korea.


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