Healers can bring allies back from the brink of death and beyond while burning and blasting their way through phalanxes of enemies. A Healer has killing skills enough to survive alone in the toughest situations, and support spells to fortify, purify, and resurrect party members in need.

In fact, Healers have more spells at their disposal than almost any other discipline. Healers are a support class that can also hold their own against foes. They keep themselves and their allies alive and regenerated while guarding them from critical damage, and still spare time to target foes for searing blasts of energy. They can target one comrade for healing, or remove poisons and curses from any nearby allies. They can stand up allies who have been knocked down, or put their enemies to sleep.

Alternate Names

Healers are called by other names in various regions. Some are considered agents of the divine and those are often called Priests or Clerics.


Healers can use staves, Rods, Wands, and dual blades for weapons, but cannot use more than light armor.

Defensive Stunts
Offensive Stunts
Movement Stunts
Special Stunts
Healing Stunts


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