Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of the Wilds, Protector of the Home, Patron of Women, The Silver Huntress, The Silver Horned Reaper, The Virgin, The Lunar Bride, The Crone


The Goddess Levanah is a hybrid entity who represents the moons of Celestia: Levanah herself and the smaller moon Meseda. Meseda in legend is the remains of her cohort who died in the War of the Gods. Levanah was saved from a similar death by a Fey who merged with her changing them both into the personification of the Moon. She also gained a connection to the wild lands and is the patron of women, her chaotic nature realized as a woman in all stages of her life.

Worship of Levanah

Her worship originally has a focus on the more ‘womanly’ and esoteric. It was also heavily involved with fertility of people, animals, and crops. She was most commonly seen as 3 aspects by her people representing the stages of life for women. Most women would first be introduced to her rites after their first menstruation matching the form of Levanah as ‘The Virgin’. Usually when a woman would become a mother they would perform a new rite matching the form of Levanah as the ‘Lunar Bride’. Finally when a woman could no longer have children they would perform the third rite within the church calling on the aspect of Levanah as ‘The Crone’. However, two other aspects of Levanah exist within her worship: The Silver Huntress and the ‘Silver Horned Reaper’. The Silver Huntress was a guardian and protector and may have inspired the some legends of it’s own. The SIlver Horned Reaper on the other hand is Levanah as the mad avenging angel of her worshippers.

The Silver Huntress

Levanah is sometimes seen as the SIlver Huntress. She often appears as a stunningly beautiful woman with silver hair in moonsilver armor and carrying a moonsilver bow. In this aspect she is the the Champion of the land and protector of wild lands.

The Silver Horned Reaper

She is depicted as a wild insane looking blood-drenched woman with silver horns and armed with a sickle. She is often called the ‘Avenger’ in this aspect. This is a possible origin for the ‘horned hunter’ legend and maybe even more urban legends such as ‘Bloody Mary’.

The Virgin

Levanah as a beautiful early teenage woman with long silver hair, and her eyes bright with curiosity and wonder for the world. This was the aspect of the Neophyte, eager and learn and explore.

The Lunar Bride

This is Levanah as the Goddess of fertility. She is depicted as a pregnant hermaphroditic woman wearing little or no clothes.

The Crone

Levanah is sometimes seen as ‘The Crone’, an old woman with wizened silver eyes and using a staff to help her walk. This is the form most hated by the men who feel she was the very depiction of a hag or evil witch. However, traditionally she was known as the ‘sage’ and the guide that taught the Goddesses final secrets.


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