Lumine are small mammals which are generally the size of a fox. In general their appearance is something like a fox as well, with long droopy ears like a rabbit. However Lumine can be found almost everywhere in Celestia. From the orange and yellow Desert Lumine with it’s fluffy tail and manes to the aqua colored Semi-Aquatic Coastal Lumine with a fin on it’s head and webbed ears.


Variations of the Lumine exist in the: Grasslands, Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Steppes or Prairies, Coasts or Shorelines, Jungles, and Ruins. This makes them some of the most diverse creatures in the world.


Lumines are mostly vegetarians, though technically they are omnivores and will eat meat when it’s available. Some variants of Lumine are more carnivorous than this implies, such as the semi-aquatic lumine that prefers fish or the jungle lumine that hunts rodents and insects.

Lumine of all types are highly social and live in large family groups, lead by the eldest female. These groups are called gatherings and can have as many as two dozen Lumine in it.

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