Physical Characteristics:

The Morehedral have skin that is often considered grey or purple in hue. Their hair is typically white, silver, or another light tone and their eyes are most typically red, blue, or purple.



The Morehedral were the chosen servants and concubines of the Ashuri in ancient times. Even when their masters fell they claimed as much of their masters secrets as they could and often even worshipped their dead masters like gods. They used this knowledge to form kingdoms of their own. Many also searched for ways to return to being Fey and above all other Hedrals they believe in their Fey origins.

Their culture stayed like this until the Cataclysm happened and like all nations of the time they joined the wars that would devastate the land. After which many were forced from their original strongholds and split widely. Many would join Kingdoms favoring the Gods of Corruption as a means of getting back at those who had forced them from their homes.


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