Oak is known as the ‘dark nation’ by most and is the only nation to have a large Gorun tribal population.


Oak is formed from a meeting of savage tribes: Gorun, Human, Rethos, and Thelis. Unlike usual however they managed to agree with each other and live in relative peace. No all out war at least, instead they raided each other from time to time. It was almost like a deadly game for the tribes. Over time the tribes started to work together to crush their rivals.

They have remained rather savage taking what they need from smaller nations as they developed. Their savagery and brutality have kept their larger neighbors from invading.


The peoples of Oak believe in a group of powerful spirits that rule the universe. They have no name for it, or even a formal ‘religious doctrine’ among all of their people. Instead the Aard Priester expand on the verbal traditions each generation.

Politics and Government

Oak is lead by the strongest, the veldheer, of each region. All veldheer have collective authority in the absence of their fellows.


Afrikana is the language of Oak and has no known written form. It can however be converted to Roman Characters.


The climate of Oak is temperate and consists mostly of mountains, steppes, and forests.


Clothing for Oak is a mix mash of styles depending on availability and creativity.

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Barbaar – Barbarian
  • Aard Priester – Druid
  • Vegter – Knight
  • Skut – Scout
  • Dief – Thief
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Bare-Knuckle Boxing
  • Dagger Fighting
  • Early Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Foot Archery
  • Longsword Fighting
  • Pollaxe Fighting
  • Smasha
  • Shortsword Fighting
  • Sword-and-Buckler Play
  • Sword-and-Shield Fighting
Campaign Notes

Oak is a fantasy style ‘dark’ nation most closely related to places like Mordor.


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