Religion of Celestia

Two ‘pantheons’ of gods exist in the world of Celestia:

The Pantheon of the Wheel, which holds to the divine fate of all mortals to live and die, only to be reborn. Each soul given the chance to evolve and grow over time. Within the wheel each life was given it’s chance to shine in various ways. Their followers seek to protect and encourage life within the cycle.

The Pantheon of Corruption holds that the only thing that matters is power. Their are various ways to acquire power, but all ways are equal in their sight. If you are powerful enough, then even a mortal can become a god. Their followers seek to break the Wheel and set free life to grow and survive as it will, at least in general. The ‘Corrupt’ part of their name comes from their use of Corrupted Transformations, Pacts, and their work with demons.

Pantheon of the Wheel

Pantheon of Corruption

Other Powers

  • The Fey, members of an ever changing fringe to reality.
  • The Shadows, beings from another realm of reality.
  • Demons, beings that are both from beyond our reality and yet materialistic.
  • Dragons, Elder beings who in some cases equal gods.
  • Djinn, Elemental humanoids which date back eons.

Religion of Celestia

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