Seraph Transformation


Seraph’s are the angelic servants of the deities. They are celestial representations of a virtue or ideal. All humanity burned out of them by the end of the process. Leaving them cold nearly emotionless beings who serve only their deity.

Becoming a Seraph

The Seraph is one of the only Transformations one does not chose. Instead A deity can chose to empower a individual who displays devotion to an ideal and a righteousness to uphold that ideal. Eventually they bend the being into a pure vessel for their principles, in doing so the become angelic beings. Usually those chosen are Noble Martyrs, tireless crusaders, or other exemplary individuals.



  • Defeating a Powerful force of darkness
  • Create a hallowed landmark for Pilgrims
  • Establish a parish of worshippers who uphold the virtue
  • Establish a portal to the Celestial realm
  • Redeem a soul that was considered beyond redemption

Initial Boons and Flaws

Celestial Form
You gain the ‘Celestial’ type and have an affinity for anything related to your virtue.

Angelic Wings
You manifest feathered wings and gain the ability to fly (partly due to magic). Any armor or clothing you wear needs to be altered to accommodate your wings.

Planar Binding
You are bound, body and soul, to the divine realm. On death your soul will move into the divine realm and your body won’t fight as hard to stay alive as it usual would, since it wants you to move to the divine realm.

Developing Boons

Divine Retribution
When you, or an ally near you, makes an attack you can impart holy zeal into the attack. You can add radiant damage and they can make another strike if they desire.

Divine Clemency
When you, or an ally near you, takes damage you can react by healing them.

Radiant Strike
Any attack against a Demon, Fey, or Undead creature will deal double radiant damage.

Cleanse Affliction
When healing an ally you also can automatically cure conditions they suffer from.

Bow of Celestial Judgement
You can summon a bow of divine light. All attacks with it deal radiant damage, use no ammunition, inflict double damage to Demons/Fey/Undead, and it emits light like a lantern.

Developing Flaws

Divine Appearance
Your body radiates a divine glow and your wings are a prominent feature that is hard to ignore. You can contain this form, briefly, to appear normal but this is taxing. Moments of stress will reveal your true form. If you enter desecrated ground it will also reveal your true form. Truly evil people will be compelled to try to kill you, becoming instantly hostile.

Beacon to the Dark
You are a target for all the darkness in the world. It becomes hard to hide from them and they can see you for what you really are even while hiding your appearance.

Complete Form

Merciful Blessing Aura
You emit an aura that covers 20 feet around you and invigorates and fortifies you and your allies. When they would usually die from injuries they suffer severe wounds instead.

Pull of the Divine
Reality itself tries to to send you to the divine realm. You suffer increased damage when not in the Divine Realm from magical sources.

Seraph Transformation

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