Siam is a nation in the inner ocean between the three continents composed of over a few dozen islands. Their nation has always been built on trade, though they lack any ruins in their territory which makes modern relic technology out of reach for them unless they can trade for it.


The peoples of Siam are a mixture of people who left the three main continents early on in primitive sailing ships or at least primitive fishing boats. Over time this combination of escapists and lost fishermen built a civilization that stretched among the nearby islands. As their boats developed, so to did their loose nation they were forming.

As this nation developed the powerful or influential started to take control over small areas. As the power of one ruler would wane new rulers would wrest power from old. The strongest started to become those with the best ships able to reach the mainland continents for trade. When İlahi İmparatorluğu started to sail the seas Siam developed their cities into efficient harbors for trading vessels of all types to resupply and trade goods. The best ports provide the most power and influence among the ruling Khunṣụk.


Siam has no religion or beliefs of it’s own. Instead it has adopted the beliefs of those they trade with. Primarily these are The Church, The Path, and Tiānguó guānliáo.

Politics and Government

Siam is ruled by what can only be described as warlords (Khunṣụk). Each Khunṣụk maintains their own region they maintain through sheer power and influence. Collectively Khunṣụk may band together to stop external threats, but only if it’s in their own interests. This means there is really no unified Siam. Any, real, powerful external threat may create the first truly unified Siam though.


The Siam language is called Thịy and while it can be written in Roman characters it does not convert well, instead the have a flowery written script called Tạw xạksʹr thịy that is used.


The islands of Siam are tropical and range from mountains to grasslands, with jungles in between.


The people of Siam wear very little clothing as it is primarily unneeded with their tropical climate. A short skirt or shorts and a vest style top is typical for daily wear.

Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Nạk praphạnṭh̒ phelng – Bard
  • Phra sngḳh̒ – Druid
  • Ṣilpin kār pxngkạn tạw – Martial Artist
  • Seụxp̀ā – Scout
  • Corslạd – Swashbuckler
  • Khmoy – Thief
  • Khn cit – Mentalist
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Banshay
  • Dagger Fighting
  • Escrima
  • Foot Archery
  • Kajukenbo
  • Krabi Krabong
  • Muay Thai
  • Sword-and-Buckler Play
Campaign Notes

Siam is loosely based on many island nations including the Philipines, though it also has aspects of Thailand.


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