A Summoner walks a wild path, combat pets at her sides, wielding primal powers to harm and heal, empowering her allies while cursing her enemies. They travel the whole battlefield freely. They fight at close quarters, healing and boosting allies, draining and destroying enemies. They channel powerful auras that enhance whole groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal, and can summon their entire party from one location to another.

Add extensive crowd control and the capability to resurrect fallen allies, and you can see why adventuring parties seek them out. They add to the longevity of any party, can seize an out-of-control situation and dominate it until their allies are on the offensive again or simply unleash their own magical fury. Summoners make their comrades better at what they do.

Alternate Names

Summoners are called by other names in various regions. Some of these include: Warlocks/Witches, & Enchanters.


Summoners can use Rods and Talismans as weapons and wear cloth for protection.

Defensive Stunts
Offensive Stunts
Movement Stunts
Special Stunts
Healing Stunts
Summoning Stunts


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