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Todon are large armored mammals, much like armadillos. With its rounded, bony shell and squat limbs, they superficially resembles large turtles. Todon are covered by a protective shell composed of more than 1,000 2.5 cm-thick bony plates, called scutes. Each species of Todon has its own unique scute pattern and shell type. With this protection they were armored like turtles. Unlike most turtles Todon can not withdraw their heads, but instead have a bony cap on the top of their skull. Even the tail of Todon has a ring of bones for protection. Such a massive shell needed considerable support, evidenced by features such as fused vertebrae, short but massive limbs, and a broad shoulder girdle. They average a height of 1.5 meters or 5 ft, Length 4,079 mm or 160.6 in, Width 1,539 mm or 60.6 in, and weigh 840 kg or 1,900 lbs (roughly the same size as a Volkswagen Beetle).


Variations of the Todon exist in Grasslands, Coasts or Shorelines, and Steppes or Prairies.


Todon are herbivores. They graze on grasses and other plants found near rivers and small bodies of water.

Todon are mostly solitary creatures, though they do occasional gather into small groups such as mated pairs or a female with offspring.

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