Vipines are a sort of cross between a dog and a snake. Their general form is more dog like, however they have poisonous fangs and iridescent scales covering their upper bodies. While not easy to tame, they can be to a degree.


Vipines are said to have been created just before the Cataclysm by a mage who wanted to create a kind of dog suited to combat. In so doing they grafted aspects of vipers or snakes in general to a variety of dogs. Vipines are the ones that have not only managed to survive, but have bred true for generations. The Cataclysm destroyed their exact origins, so this may not be true… However, it seems to fit what is known of them.

Vipines are hard to tame, but if a person succeeds at it they gain a loyal ally who has some of the most fearsome senses around. The best way to tame one is to raise it from the time it’s born or very close to it. They get used a lot as guards or as trackers by their owners. While they are loyal to a person who can tame them, they don’t really understand how effective their venom can be to their masters which means their owner must take care.


Vipines are decently large, most coming to waist height on the average human. As mentioned they look mostly like dogs, though with iridescent scales along their backs from the tip of their noses to the end of their tails. They also have poisonous fanged mouths full of razor sharp teeth.

Color-wise they most commonly have green scales with brown or white fur. Though grey and black fur is also typical, especially in certain regions. Scale color can vary as well, with green being most common, followed by red and black. The most feared Vipine are black scaled with black fur, these Vipine are commonly called ‘Demon Vipine’ and love to attack at night when they are most difficult to see.


Vipines are most commonly found in forests or jungles where they find it easiest to catch prey. However, they can be found in almost any terrain.


Vipines are primarily carnivorous and prefer fresh meat. They do however munch on a few select plants typically found in forests or jungles, though why is not well known.

  • Fight: 4
  • Perception: 6
  • Stealth: 5
  • Survival: 4
  • Venomous Bite: A melee attack that inflicts Crippling Poison.


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