Rethos are a reptilian race that resemble scaly humans with claws, long snouted faces, and thick tails. Most prefer hot places (on average, they’re comfortable between 47° and 135°), though a few hearty ones live in climates that get colder than this and survive just fine since they are actually warm blooded. Most however live in swamps, tropical forests, and deserts.


Rethos are naturally militant hunters. They are socially organized to gain an advantage in hunting. However when they developed ‘civilization’ they found other outlets for their hunting instincts like collecting wealth rather then animal hides. Even settled Rethos have certain jobs they just don’t want any part of, including dealing with plants. They are naturally carnivorous and literally cannot eat most plants.

Nations with Rethos populations
Common Archetypes
Racial Attributes
  • Claws
  • Tough Skin
  • Striking Tail
  • Disturbing Voice
  • Savage
  • Prefers the Heat
Om die draak

Om die draak, or ‘Becoming the Dragon’ is a quest chain in Celestia for Rethos that allows them to increase their abilities. They can gain:

  • Fanged Bite
  • Armored Skin
  • Enhanced Strength

However the quests are very difficult and don’t support using a party, being in a party while doing them breaks the quest and makes you begin again, so few people have done them.


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