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Valencia is also sometimes called the “Kingdom of Clouds”, due to the capitol of Vala being built into a mountain range. Literally country’s name means ‘kingdom of Vala’.


The heart of Valencia is the city of Vala, with near mythical origins. From this lone city they slowly built outwards, with smaller settlements aligning themselves with the city for protection and out of trade relations. Eventually Vala became one of the largest cities on the continent and had a collection of lesser towns and hamlets that looked to them.

This was the state when they encountered another nation expanding along their borders called the Helash. The Helash was ruled by a warlord and was bent on domination of all other nations. Nothing had stopped their advance and in a desperate move to block them from taking the lands of Valencia, the Republic commissioned a massive army of conscripts under a the command of a man named Gaius Octavius Thurinus Augustus (Most revered father Octavius Thurinus). Octavius entered into a grueling campaign against the Helash, but against all expectations he came back victorious. Valencia took over the lands formerly belonging to the Helash and became the biggest nation on the continent in one move. Octavius however was not quite done with just being a great war hero, he moved into politics while still having his massive army under his command and rested power from the senate to form a new monarchy under his authority and killing any who opposed his rule. This made a lot of enemies including a former sentor, who had fled the country before Octavius came to power. He managed to hire assassins to kill Octavius. Instead it would be his son Marcus Aemilius who would be the first to take the throne.

From this point on Valencia would wage campaigns of expansion every few years feeling that it was their manifesta fatis (Manifest Destiny) to bring enlightenment to everyone. This probably had a lot to do with the influence the Church gained under Octavius who was a devote follower as was his son. The Church made huge inroads with the new people formerly under Helash control and sought ever greater influence on the lives of the people. Going so far as to call non-believers ‘Heathens’ and desiring to forcibly convert people. Thankfully the imperators have tended to be more conservative and have reigned in the churches ambitions.


The Major religion of Valencia is monotheistic and usually simply referred to as “The Church”. It has strict guidelines and a hierarchy of priests that maintain it. The common person can never be more than a ‘layman’, without being ordained by the formal hierarchy. It also has a sort of law built into it referred to as ‘commandments’, because they are things their god has decreed must never be done. Failure to adhere to the beliefs of their faith will deny you a afterlife. For this alone the priests of the Church wield considerable influence within society.

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Politics and Government

Once upon a time Valencia was a republic, but eventually a ruling family came to power creating a feudal monarchy with an underlying council of lords to replace the republic. For the common peasant not much changed between the two as it took money to be elected as an official in the republic. Under the Monarchy instead all you had to do was become a noble, a quick way of getting admittance into the lower ranks was money, just like it had been before. Nobles however get their own form of law called the “High Law”, where as peasants are required to follow ’Low Law". This codifies that some rights are inherent to nobles that peasants do not possess.


The language of Valencia is called Lingua Latina. Its spoken form looks like Latin and it’s written form uses the ‘Roman characters’ that has become a common written form for many nations.


The climate of much of Valencia is temperate, though they have a large empire which includes the Flamma Hospes desert and the Glacie Deserta tundra regions in the north. Of the three major nations it is by far the most northern and coldest.


Clothing varies considerably in Vallencia, though they do have a preference for capes, cloaks, and layered clothing in many areas. In the large cities however clothing is often very simple such as long belted tunics and light short dresses, duplicating the fashions of Vala.


Races of the Empire
Common Templates
  • Justitia – Justicar
  • Scolasticus – Scholar
  • Fabricator – Artificer
  • Vates – Bard
  • Clericorum – Cleric
  • Sanctus Bellator – Holy Warrior
  • Bellator – Knight
  • Excursor – Scout
  • Swashbuckler
  • Fur – Thief
  • Caupo – Innkeeper
  • Libritor – Musketeer
  • Demolitor – Demolisher
Martial Arts of the Empire
  • Andabata
  • Ancient Greek Boxing
  • Armatura
  • Armatura Equestris
  • Bare-Knuckle Boxing
  • Combat Wrestling
  • Crupellarius
  • Dagger Fighting
  • Dimachaerus
  • Early Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Épée
  • Eques
  • Essedarius
  • Foot Archery
  • Foil
  • French Smallsword
  • Glaive Fighting
  • Greco-Roman Wrestling
  • Heroic Spear Fighting
  • High Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Hoplomachia
    • Hoplomachus, gladiator variant
  • Il Lavoro Veloce (Pyramid 3-10 page 9)
  • Italian Fencing School
  • La Boxe Française
  • La Canne de Combat
  • La Verdadera Destreza Fencing
  • Late Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat
  • Longsword Fighting
  • Masters of Defence Weapon Training
  • Murmillo
  • Pankration
  • Pollaxe Fighting
  • Provocator
  • Quarterstaff
  • Retiarius
  • Saber
  • Schläger
  • Scissor
  • Shortsword Fighting
  • Sport Quarterstaff
  • Sword-and-Buckler Play
  • Sword-and-Shield Fighting
  • Thraex
  • Transitional French School Fencing
Noblesse Oblige (Noble Code of Honor)
  • Always be ready to defend your family and those that look to you for protection.
  • Never attack an enemy unaware or by stealth. (Strictly speaking, this applies only to other nobles.)
  • Never lie, and never break your pledged word.
  • Never abandon a friend, an ally, or a noble cause.
  • Be generous and grant largesse as you may.
  • In all things, be polite and courteous.
  • Never accept a slight or insult.
  • At all times and places, be the champion of the right and good against injustice and evil.
Military Orders
Campaign Notes

Valencia is a sort of Roman Empire with renaissance level technology and cultural elements.


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